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The Samba comes from Brazil and is performed solo by a Carnaval dancer. Ballroom samba or social samba are partner dances popular for their lively rhythms with elements of Brazilian Carnaval Samba.

Arthur Murray West Island has professional and certified dance instructors teaching ballroom and social samba dance lessons. Our studio offers dance lessons for singles and couples, whether you’re just starting or you preparing for your wedding dance, rest assured our dance instructors will help you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

Ballroom samba was popularized in the 1940s in western Europe and the United States. It’s characterized by the forward and backward steps with a slight bounce, rocking body movements, syncopated rhythms and hip action. Ballroom Samba is usually danced to 2/4 or 4/4 time and uses different rhythmic patterns in its dance steps.


Private Lessons

These one-on-one dance lessons are for students who have specific dance goals and needs.

Group Class or Semi – private Lessons

Learn with fellow dance students who are on your same level where you will focus on balance, weight transfer and posture.

Practice Class

Have fun while you practice and master what you’ve learned with fellow students and become more confident!