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Arthur Murray West Island Reviews

Dancing at the West Island Arthur Murray studio is a recipe for a perpetual smile. It is an evening out where you move to music, you focus on learning dance steps and you forget about all the stresses of your daily life. It is socializing in a friendly non-threatening atmosphere.

It all started for me (Marjorie) several years ago when I was single and discovered that one could participate in the program even without a regular dance partner. Through the patience and encouragement of my wonderful teachers, the nervous stressed out person that I was changed into someone who could let go and learn to dance.

For the last year we have been going to the studio as a couple and now we share the joys of dancing together. It is an activity that provides us with evenings out, amusing company and exercise that also works our brain. We hope to continue into our old age.

Marjorie Leon & John Karpat

When I was chosing a dance school, I was looking for something very particular and sometimes hard to find in any business. I looked for people who care about, and are proud of the work they do. It has worked for me so far. I could never have imagined making so much progress in such little time. I am more confident on the dance floor and, most importantly, I'm having an amazing time!

And this is just the beginning, it has only been 2 months. I owe it all to the staff at D.D.O.. Their appraoch to instructing, talent, attention to detail and outgoing personnalities make this an experience that is enriching my life. These people genuinely care about my progress and make sure I'm having fun too!

I can't wait for my next lesson. A few months ago, the thought of dancing made me nervous. Today, I can't wait to get on a dancefloor!

Thanks so much guys and gals! Sincerely Karim.


Have you ever walked into a ballroom, treading the dance floor during a competition? Attracted by the music, colors and bewitching atmosphere? Felt the excitement of competitors of all ages? Or danced for friends, spectators in front of the eyes of judges?

For me it has become a passion, a way for me to excel, to express myself and have a feeling of well-being.

Dance, I do not learn it, I live it!

Danielle Dufresne

I originally signed up for dance lessons simply to learn the proper steps to dances I was already dancing, albeit my own version, at different events. I even wrote “NO DANCE COMPETITIONS” on my form. Seven months later I was participating in my first competition and I haven’t stopped since.

I have participated in many competitions in Montreal as well as Boston and Atlantic City. To prepare for a competition I am constantly challenging myself to reach the next level and with the help of my teacher and everyone else at the studio my dancing has improved tremendously. Dance is an incredible sport and a wonderful social activity and many friendships have been made over the years at the studio. The camaraderie and interactions amongst the students is infectious and what is nice is that this is regardless of your level.

Regardless of what you reason for signing up, the experienced teachers are there to help you reach your goal. The patience, knowledge and professionalism of the teachers make the experience an unforgettable one. Kudos to a most wonderful team at D.D.O. Thank you for believing in me and helping me achieve my goals…

Anita Bartha

What dancing means to me...

I am a beginner at Arthur Murray's Dancing Studio, having experienced four individual, group and supervised dance lessons. The sheer joy of these lyrical evenings have enabled me to express my love for music in a physical way which leaves me feeling exhilarated and happy.

The dance instructors are patient, friendly and supportive, adding to the warm ambiance created by the many other students, whether they be advanced or beginners. The whole experience has been a total delight.

Marilyn Amias

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