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Latin & Ballroom Dance Classes in West Island.

Do you love to dance? You’re in the right place! Dance is an art form that involves your body and your soul. Now is the time to learn your favorite genres like Salsa, Cha Cha, and Samba. Keep your body fit and your soul happy with dance classes and glide across the dance floor with grace. Arthur Murray® West Island has professional and certified dance instructors ready to teach you.

Styles we teach

At Arthur Murray® West Island, we’re passionate about dance and offer Latin and Ballroom dance classes for people of all ages and levels. Whether you want private lessons, group dance classes, or wedding dance lessons, we adapt and personalize our classes to fit your interests!


International Ballroom Samba originates from Brazilian Samba, but it’s quite different and it has its unique technique. Lively, rhythmical, and precise, this partner dance is fun and entertaining to watch – and dance! Each step has a slight bounce that complements the rhythm of the music.

Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha is a dance that originated in Cuba in the 1950s. Its name is an onomatopoeia meant to describe the sound of the feet shuffling through the floor. With complex rhythms and polyrhythms, this style has a lot of attitudes. Ready for the Cha Cha Challenge?


Disco is a dance style that emerged in the 1970s and reached its popularity peak with the film Saturday Night Fever. With shoulder and hip action, pivots, and a lot of character, this style is energetic and dynamic.


Smooth and elegant, this romantic style of dance is made up of simple walking steps and side steps. The footwork combines slow and quick steps with a controlled body posture. While it’s similar to a waltz, it has a different time signature. Foxtrot is in a 4/4 time signature.


Mambo dance originated in Cuba in the late 1940s. It was created by Damaso Perez Prado who created the dance for the Mambo music genre. Mambo means conversation with the gods in the Kongo language. With complex footwork and freestyle steps, Mambo has a lot of personalities.


Merengue dance comes from the Dominican Republic and is one of the most popular Latin dances in the world. This partner dance is typically performed in a closed position and with a lot of hip movement. Open positions and turns make this dance super dynamic.


Rumba will enhance your control, timing, and rhythm due to its slower tempo. This style showcases elegance and control. Despite the name, this ballroom dance is influenced by Cuban Bolero-Son. Sway your hips with this style and let the music move you.


Flirtatious and exciting, Salsa dance is a unique blend of several Afro-Caribbean and Latin dances. Dances like the Cuban Son, Mambo, and Cha Cha Cha inspired Salsa. Currently, there are many styles of Salsa such as Casino, Cali, and Ballroom. Learn this precise and spicy dance!


Swing dance is a blend of dances that came with the swing style of jazz music in the 20s – 40s. The style includes a blend of American dances like East Coast Swing and Jive. This contagious style will make you want to get up and dance.


Elegant and enchanting, the Waltz is known for its perfect posture and control. Performed mainly in a closed position, it requires a lot of technique to glide through the floor while maintaining the poise.

Connect with your body and express yourself through ballroom dance!