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Cha cha, also known as cha-cha-cha is a dance originated from Cuba. The name is an onomatopoeia that imitates the sound of the dancer’s footwork when triple stepping to the complex rhythm of the music. Whether you’re a first-time dancer or you’d like to practice before a social event, come join our dance family in West Island.

If you love dancing, you’ve come to the right place. Arthur Murray® West Island has professional and certified dance instructors teaching ballroom and social Cha Cha dance lessons. Dancing is a great way to keep your body fit while having lots of fun, if you want to learn this lively and rhythmical partner dance, call us today to get started!

Social Cha Cha Dance Lessons

This sassy dance is commonly associated with competition ballroom dancing. However, it’s possible to enjoy the cha cha in a social setting. At Arthur Murray® West Island, we offer social dance lessons for those who want to enjoy dance without the competitive aspect. Whether you want private lessons or you’re looking to learn with a group of people, rest assured our studio is the way to go. Connect with the music with this lively style!

Private Lessons

These one-on-one dance lessons are ideal for students who need a personalized dance training program.

Group Class

Learn with fellow dance students who are in your level.

Practice Class

Practice what you’ve learned with us with fellow students!