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When I was chosing a dance school, I was looking for something very particular and sometimes hard to find in any business. I looked for people who care about, and are proud of the work they do. It has worked for me so far. I could never have imagined making so much progress in such little time. I am more confident on the dance floor and, most importantly, I’m having an amazing time!

And this is just the beginning, it has only been 2 months. I owe it all to the staff at D.D.O.. Their appraoch to instructing, talent, attention to detail and outgoing personnalities make this an experience that is enriching my life. These people genuinely care about my progress and make sure I’m having fun too!

I can’t wait for my next lesson. A few months ago, the thought of dancing made me nervous. Today, I can’t wait to get on a dancefloor!

Thanks so much guys and gals! Sincerely Karim.